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I have a brilliant business idea and am looking for some way to make it happen/sell it!?

I have an amazing business idea that could generate billions of $. I need some way to sell it, where I continually get paid as it brings in money. I can’t pay a beginning fee or anything, but I really think this is genius! I can’t tell anyone what it is, but it is promising! Big time! Trust me! How do I achieve this?
It is not a product, more like a business/building/architectural kind of thing.

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5 Responses to “I have a brilliant business idea and am looking for some way to make it happen/sell it!?”

  1. Hedley Lamar said :

    I suggest you to try project payday, simply because you don’t need any money up front and you can start making money within minutes. I average around 3,500 dollars every month with it. Check it out at

  2. Melissa R said :

    Well they did have that show on called Dragon’s Den where entreprenuers showed/explained their ideas to investors to see if they could get one or all of them to invest into their ideas. They didn’t just throw their money at anything though – had to be a good idea.
    If you are from canada, I would contact BDC, as they can help fund people for business ideas.
    What it will all come down to is you will need to write up a business plan, explain the product/service, explain REALISTICALLY how it can make money and why people would bu the product. How much it would cost to make the product, how much you would sell the product for, who your target market is, etc.
    They would need to see a breakeven analysis to see if you can realistically sell enough of your product to at least cover expenses of making and selling the product.
    All this will need to be presented to a bank or to BDC and then they will decide how much of a risk you would be to lend the money to to start the business.
    These places ideally want to see ‘test’ runs. Like prototypes of the product and maybe some testimonials of some people who have sampled/tried the product. Other things like surveys and statistical information that makes this idea seem like it will work.
    It all has to be done on paper and done very professionally.
    So if your idea/product is as good as you claim it is, you should have no problem getting money from the bank and paying off all the debt and making yourself some moola.

    Every business idea needs money initially to get it started because you need to market/advertise your product so people actually know it exists, so they can then purchase it.
    One other thing to keep in mind is copyrights. If your idea is one of a kind, get it copyrighted asap so no one else steals it.
    You can lose everything if another company steals your unsecured idea, makes the same thing and sells it for much less than you.

  3. nursir2b said :

    I can so relate to those felings, except I didn’t expect my idea to generate billions. Did get advice from an actual inventor–write down your idea in full detail, seal the paper in an envelope and mail it thru the post office so it will be date-stamped. That should secure the date of your idea. Then search the web for invent-help sites. I visited one recently (though I can’t remember the name) that will consider your idea. If this is a service instead of a product, you may have to get a small start-up business model drawn up for potential investors to consider.

  4. Doctor Deth said :

    $billions? why would you share it then? – do it yourself and become a billionaire

  5. Rory McKillen said :

    Feel free to let me know about the business idea by contacting me via mail [email protected] as I am willing to invest in a really good business idea.
    You can dictate your terms and I am willing to accept if they are conducive to me.
    Thanks once again and waiting to hear from you.


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