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How do I get a small business booming what kind of advertising? It is for cheesecakes and cake decorating?

I’m trying to start a small business with cheesecakes and cake decorating and I just need alittle info.

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4 Responses to “How do I get a small business booming what kind of advertising? It is for cheesecakes and cake decorating?”

  1. Funky Phantom said :

    Give out free samples, go to local trade shows.

  2. imisidro said :

    Some marketing ideas:

    1. Network with local wedding planners and ensure that you provide their wedding cake requirements (or at least you are one of the vendors they will recommend to their clients).

    2. In the same vein as above, network with party planners to ensure that you will be included in their list of vendors. You want your cake to be in every party in your locality. And the more satisfied your customers with your products, you can expect to have positive word of mounth, and the buzz that will be generated will allow you to find customers for your business

    3. Make your business more visible in the community by sponsoring local events or church activities, or offering free sample products. Be present in every fundraising activities (schools have this, non profits, etc) offering your products for free.

    4. Send out press releases about your new business, making sure that you specify what makes your business special and different from the rest. The more newsworthy your release (e.g. did you create a very unique cake), the greater your chances of getting picked up by the editors

    5. Tap the Web. Create a website that showcases your products, then promote it or advertise in local online directories

    Hope this helps

  3. UppityBroad68 said :

    Find out which non profit groups in your area are having raffles or auctions and donate your services as a prize or auction item….you’ll get your company information included in the flyers or brochures for the event and generate quite a bit of goodwill.
    Make up small flyers, about 4×6 inches, and ask bridal shops, party rental stores and florist shops if you can place them on the counter, put them on grocery store bulletin boards, post your services on
    Rent booth space at craft fairs and farmers markets.
    Good luck!

  4. smokey said :

    Word of mouth can go along way and it free. Also make sure you advertise before wedding season and graduation in may and june. That is when you can expect to be the busiest. You could also call up a local newspaper and they might to a piece on your new buisiness and that would be free. If you can get a list of people that will be graduating from middle school and high school you could send out post cards saying to reserve your cake soon space is limited.
    But seriously word of mouth is the best way to go.


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